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Charity Organization - Inspiring Children Foundation

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

After spending the last few weeks thinking about what the future looks like for myself, High Vibe HEALth & my family, I've decide not to go live with the 30-Day Health & Wellness challenges, and focus more time in the real world helping children, teens and adults in at risk communities. I plan to work more closely with established non-profit organizations that I feel make a difference in the community.

For the next couple months, and maybe even longer, my daughters and I will be working with Inspiring Children Foundation. Here is the website for your reference.

Here is a little info on this "Inspiring" organization:

The Inspiring Children Foundation transforms lives through a whole human approach to physical, mental & emotional health. We help youth and families from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds to rise above their challenges and struggles in life: To heal, grow and become their best selves. This includes difficult situations like teenage anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation and various other mental health challenges. Our best-in-class curriculum encompasses a 10-step program with over 40 tools and 100 activations to help our youth find their best selves.

This award-winning program has been developed by some of the world’s leading lived-experienced experts over the past 25 years. It encompasses a variety of evidence-based practices, and is now being implemented in schools, nonprofits, corporations and social services programs.

We’ve created a community full of healing, growth, high achievement, meaningful connections and happiness, resulting in our youth becoming leaders in life. 95% of students in our Leadership program have become so qualified that colleges have offered scholarships for academics & athletics (tennis).

For over 20 years, the Inspiring Children Foundation has helped at-risk youth to perform at the highest levels. Ryan Wolfington created the foundation with the help of Marty Hennessy and Grammy nominated Singer-Songwriter Jewel, in partnership with the #1 tennis team in the world - Bob and Mike Bryan. At first they only wanted to create the best environment possible for one child, Frideric Prandecki, so he could make the right choices and earn a college scholarship. Later, Frideric would go on to be captain of the tennis team at NC State University, get his Master’s degree from Harvard University, and start his own business in Las Vegas called Bob’s Repair.

Right away, the founders recognized the power of a whole human approach to arming children with the physical, emotional and mental health that they need to heal, grow, and perform at the highest levels. Thankfully, so did many others, and thus, the foundation grew exponentially year after year. Long before emotional and mental health awareness became popular, the Inspiring Children Foundation has been a leader in this space with cutting-edge behavioral health programming.

What began as hundreds of children being served in inner city parks and a wellness center has now become millions online and in-person, including a wellness festival, a free online mental health community,, and an in-person program that is being replicated in 22 states.

What's next for Inspiring Children Foundation?

There is a wellness weekend September 23-25 of this year, 2023! This is so exciting because this wellness event is all about everything I love(except golf, lol).

This 3 day wellness event will be held in beautiful Lake Las Vegas! It's absolutely breathtaking and is one of Las Vegas's best kept secrets. It surely doesn't feel like the entertainment capital of the world there.

Below is the timeline for the wellness event benefitting The Inspiring Children Foundation!

Saturday 9/23 - 5K Run/Walk, Pickleball & Tennis Tournament followed by a BBQ! You will see me here! Who wants race and/or play tennis with me for a good cause?

Sunday 9/24 - Yoga with Shanna & Wendy, and a yummy High Tea! Nothing better than yoga and tea on the lakeside!

Monday 9/25 - Golf Tournament & Grand Opening of the new course @ Tournament Bay. You will see me here! Who wants to play golf for a good cause?

I am calling all my golfer friends, tennis buddies, tea bunnies, social butterflies, big & little sponsors, basket creators, and anyone who loves a good fundraiser to join us in making this event a huge success!

I am just a volunteer & fully support this organization.

Here is more information about the event:

If you would like to donate but can't be at the event in September, maybe consider donating to the foundation.




@ Inspiring Children Foundation



Have an amazing day and I love you!


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