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It's International Yoga Day!

Hello! I am excited about today for some great reasons. I am in the middle of hosting my first 30-day health and wellness challenge, and it's going well! I have been sharing daily inspiration, we have been sharing stories, challenges, and celebrations in What's App, I've been leading yoga classes & meditations, and we meet every Sunday to talk about the week. It's been transformational, not just for my group but for me as well!

I'll let you in on a little secret. I quit drinking on 11/1/21 but only planned to do it for a year. I went 14 months hesitant to return to the path of cognitive dissonance. I experienced many positive changes and healing on many levels during my 14 months and thought maybe I could start back up and see how it feels being on the other side of all my healing. It didn't work out. I didn't feel good when I chose to drink, and I didn't have the happy, high-vibe feelings I hoped to have. I felt awful adding that back into my life, even if on occasion.

So moving on, I'm excited for the next chapter, more teaching yoga and more fun! I'm also thrilled that the 30-Day health and wellness challenge is taking off, and I hope you join us!

Attached is today's yoga class I recorded after our yoga session for International Day of Yoga! I hope you enjoy it!

Hope you all have an amazing and high vibe day! - Shanna

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