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High Vibe HEALth Podcast, Episode 18 - All About the Heart Chakra - ANAHATA

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Head on over to episode 18 to hear all about the heart chakra! We dig into what we can do to balance and align this energy center in our bodies.

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In this episode we dive right into the 4th energy center in our bodies, the heart chakra. The heart chakra is all about love, compassion and healthy boundaries when it comes to all things love. We talk about the different kinds of love and what is healthy. We share what it looks & feels like if there's an imbalance, and what we can do to balance and align our heart chakra when it's blocked or stagnant.

I created a meditation for you all as well. Check out episode 18.5 if you want to meditate on your heart chakra.

I also created some fun heart opening yoga poses for you all. See picture below!

My dog, Thor loves to lay close to me while I'm doing yoga and meditating. I also have a wild french bulldog who is always swimming when I practice yoga in my sunroom, so I have to close the door while I create these handouts. He would prefer to run and jump on me soaking wet!

Here is the cover for the podcast episode with all the fun inspiration!

And here are a couple pics of my dogs, as they wait to share time with me. I was dog sitting my in-law's dog, Bentley for a week. I'll have to share with you all something entirely hilarious he did while I lead my first ever online yoga class. I'll save that for another post though!

All in all, it's really important to nurture our overall health. The heart chakra is directly connected to our lower physical chakras but also very connected to our spiritual upper chakras. When our heart isn't open and aligned, neither can the other 7 major chakras. Love and be loved.

As Bob Marley said, "ONE LOVE, ONE HEART, ONE DESTINY", always try and find the love in all living beings and things.

I hope you all have an amazing and high vibe day, wherever you are!

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