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Cultivating Balance in 2023 Day 7: Grounding the Root Chakra

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

7 Major Chakras In The Human Body

*Grounding The Root Chakra *

The First Chakra In The Energy Body

The chakra system is one of my favorite subjects. Our energy bodies are overlooked because we can't see or touch them with our physical hands. Many don't realize that we can feel it in our energetic bodies, and it affects the physical body so much that we can become ill if we don't recognize the subtle nudges our body gives us when our chakras are out of alignment.

The ancient Vedic science recognizes seven major chakras in our bodies aligning from the base of our spine to the crown of our head. It's easy to remember the chakra colors moving up the body, as the colors of the rainbow.

Today, we are diving into the Root Chakra! Muladhara

The root chakra is associated with the color RED. The foundation in our bodies helps ground us to the earth and makes us feel safe and connected to the center of our being.

When we are balanced, we feel at home. We feel calm and safe, close to nature and mother earth, and have a sense of wholeness to our true selves.

When we are out of alignment to the root chakra, we feel anxious, overwhelmed, unsafe(like anything can happen), and out of our bodies.

I know when I'm feeling imbalanced in my root chakra because my energy doesn't feel like it's with me. My thoughts and emotions are up in the clouds, and I don't think clearly. There's not enough time in the day, and simple tasks become too much. Being ungrounded happens the most when I don't meditate every day. Doing a simple 5-minute grounding meditation will bring me back to earth and make me feel safe, grounded, and capable.

I have somewhere around 20 books on the chakra system. One of my favorites and easiest to read with plenty of visuals is:

Chakras & Self-Care: Activate the Healing Power of Chakras with Everyday Rituals

by Ambi Kavanagh (Author), Poppy Jamie (Foreword)

More on the root chakra!

I like visuals to help me remember information. Here is a visual showing how the root chakra affects you when you are imbalanced, or the root chakra is blocked.

There are many things we can do to align our chakras. In this post, I share five ways we can align our root chakra so we can get back to everyday life asap!

1) Do a 5-minute grounding meditation. I love to do my grounding meditations in nature, seated on the ground.

2) Take a walk. Bring awareness to your senses, such as sight, sound, touch, & smell.


*Look at the wind flowing through the trees and listen for a rustle in the leaves.

*See a flower that you walk by. Smell it, and notice the intricate details of the flower.

*Use your sense of hearing to listen to all the sounds surrounding you—birds, etc.

*Take your shoes off and place your feet in the grass.

*Touch something in nature. Notice the texture & magnificence.

3) Garden. Gardening is powerful, as you're digging your hands into the earth and touching mother nature's miracles. Plant a flower in a pot, make an herb oasis or create a vegetable garden; you can even garden root vegetables for some extra grounding power!

4) Do yoga focusing on poses to help align your root chakra. I created this visual to share to help you remember what poses are great to help align your root chakra.

5) Connect with RED & dark crystals for stability and protection. Red crystals such as Red Garnet & Red Jasper are attractive options. Other crystals that are great for grounding are Hematite, Obsidian, Onyx, Smoky Quartz & Black Tourmaline. I won't go into detail of these, but if you feel drawn to crystals, explore to see what you're drawn to!

I can go on and on about the root chakra, but we all have busy lives. My goal is to open a channel of curiosity for you to explore what resonates with your energy.

If you enjoyed this, and want to listen to a podcast episode I created on the root chakra, here is the link!

And here is a 10 minute meditation I created to help you align your root chakra!

I hope you learned something new today. If you know someone who can benefit from reading this thread, share it away!

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