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January! What's to come? Wishing You All a Happy & Healthy 2024!

Hi everyone! I hope you're all having a fantastic holiday week so far and your Christmas was filled with love, peace, and giving. I have been busy offline with family and motivated for our January happenings.

What do you have going on this January? Are you setting yourself up for success for a happy and healthy new year? 2024 is going to be a great year! I think many people will be focused on their health and wellness journeys. What are your thoughts? What are you working on for 2024?

Let's talk about Dry January. What is Dry January? Dry January is a trend that has taken over all around the world. It's all about taking a break from alcohol. I know, sounds crazy, right? Or maybe you have already made this a tradition? All of January, we take a break from alcohol, giving ourselves a chance to realign our body's rhythmic circadian back to homeostasis. Our bodies can learn to feel what it's like without alcohol, and sometimes, it can take all month to feel what that's like. We can learn what our triggers are and realize how much alcohol can affect us daily. I find Dry January more transformational every year! Participating in this trend helps bring my awareness inward & allows me to focus more on myself. Because let's get real! The holidays do a great job of distracting us from what really matters. We can use January to get back on track. I'm here if you need support! I'll post mocktail recipes, healthy meal recipes, and more to help get you where you want to be for 2024.

Many other active communities in Dry January can support you on this journey. My favorites are Sober Mom Life Cafe(My Kind of Sweet) & The Mindful Life Practice.

You can find My Kind of Sweet here:

She also has a podcast & support groups for everyday moms.

You've heard me discuss the Mindful Life Practice with Alex McRoberts. She's incredible and has helped me so much on my journey! I had her on my podcast. Here is the link for reference.

Here is her website link, and she also has a podcast!

I haven't been active in any way with the podcast. I have been writing, editing, and putting together my 30-Day Challenge Health & Wellness book. I edited it professionally, and it's almost ready to be published in the real world! I'm so excited and hope this book will succeed in helping people in their health & wellness journey. I hoped to have it ready by January 1st, but it's taking longer than anticipated. All great things come with good timing & patience.

Stay tuned for the book! If you don't purchase one, maybe you know someone who will!

Here is a teaser of what the cover will look like.

Here's what's happening in January! I don't think the 30-Day Challenge is going to happen. Like everything else, I don't advertise it. But that's okay because there's a lot of excitement happening anyway!

Save The Date!

January 5th - Friday @ 9:30am

Yoga @ The Gathering Place

One last thing before I let you go. January 19th, we might have a fun pop-up health & wellness workshop at The Gathering Place! I will confirm soon! I have some beautiful friends I've worked with in the past, and January is a great time to do another workshop with them! Stay tuned!

If you know anyone who would like to come to my yoga classes, share away! I would love the support.

I hope you all have the best New Year's Eve, whether going out to a party or staying home.

Bringing so much love and healthy vibes your way for 2024!

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Dolores Toft
Dolores Toft
Dec 26, 2023

I will be there on 5th!

Shanna Toft
Shanna Toft
Dec 26, 2023
Replying to

Yes!! You’re the BEST!

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